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Research Funding

Principal Investigator, “High Dosage Tutoring to Support Pandemic Learning Recovery and School Improvement in Union County,” $499,936, UNC Collaboratory, 1/1/23 – 12/31/24, 12.5% effort.

Co-Principal Investigator, “Using Longitudinal Data to Support State Education Recovery Policymaking,” $988,118, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, 2/1/2021 – 1/31/2024.

Principal Investigator, “New Home, Same Education: Does enrolling in a charter school reduce the educational costs of residential mobility?” Fordham Foundation, $80,000, 1/1/2022-8/31/23.

Principal Investigator, “Exclusionary School Discipline and Adult Conviction: An Exploratory Study,” $49,940, Spencer Foundation, 1/1/19-12/31/19, 9% effort.

Principal Investigator, “Early College High Schools at Scale: Probing Impacts and Generalizability with a Quasi-Experiment Benchmarked Against an RCT,” $799,886, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, 7/1/2015-6/30/2018. link

Principal Investigator, “Probing the Effects of Classroom Poverty on Test Score Achievement: Differences Across States, Cohorts, and Low and High Standards Eras,” $49,928, Spencer Foundation, 5/1/15-6/30/16. link

Co-Principal Investigator, “Examining North Carolina Charter School Effects on Short and Long Run Outcomes,” $289,490, Walton Family Foundation, 7/1/15-6/30/17.

Principal Investigator, “North Carolina New Schools Evaluation,” $132,000, UNC General Administration, 11/12-8/13.

Co-Principal Investigator, “Golden LEAF STEM Statewide Evaluation,” $498,322 (UNC-Chapel Hill share: $148,566), Golden LEAF Foundation, 4/11-3/14.

Co-Investigator, “Baseline Teacher Quality Report,” $137,501, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 1/11-6/14.

Co-Investigator, “Evaluation of Race to the Top Teacher Incentives,” $229,757, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 1/11-6/14.

Principal Investigator, “Narrowing the Curriculum? The Effect of Accountability Pressure on Elementary Science Achievement,” $39,625, Spencer Foundation, 1/11-12/11.

Co-Principal Investigator, “The Distributional Effects of State and Federal Educational Accountability Policies,” $40,000, Spencer Foundation, 9/08-9/09.

Exemplary Dissertation Award, Spencer Foundation, “Assessing the Impact of School Socioeconomic Status on Elementary School Student Test Score Gains.” $25,000. 8/08-6/10. One of two dissertations awarded a $25,000 grant in 2008. Also received a $2,500 award as one of five finalists.