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Associate Professor of Public Policy

Adjunct Associate Professor of Sociology

My work seeks to understand the effects of educational policies, school types, and school contextual factors on student outcomes. I focus on areas that policymakers can control and that have high relevance to current educational policy debates. To date much of my academic research falls into three areas: 1) school and classroom poverty composition, 2) educational accountability, and 3) school choice and charter schools. Sociological and economic theory and policy relevance guide my work, which employs rigorous quantitative research designs. My work often examines the heterogeneity of effects across socially, economically, and educationally disadvantaged student subgroups. I am PI on a major federal grant evaluating the effects of early college high schools in North Carolina and Co-PI on a major grant to evaluate the effects of charter schools in North Carolina. I currently teach courses for undergraduates and graduate students in education policy, causal inference, and research design.